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Are you a CTFS card user looking to activate your card online?

Here in this page, we show you how to activate your CTFS card online using a simple step by step guide.

Read on for the full guide below. But if you just want to visit www.ctfs.com/activate website, click on the below given link.




Website Name www.ctfs.com/activate
Company Name Canadian Tire Financial Services
Online Activation available? Yes
Phone Activation available? No
URL https://www.ctfs.com/activate/
Direct Link Click Here

How to activate your CTFS card online?

  1. Click on the above given links to visit ctfs.com/activate website.
  2. Now, you will be asked to select either of these three options on the next page:
    1. I know my PIN
    2. I don’t know my PIN
    3. Sign in to Activate
  3. If you know your card PIN, select the first option and you have to enter your card details here to continue.
  4. After entering the card details with the PIN, your card will be activated.
  5. Now, if you don’t know your PIN, you will be asked to enter your card details including the security code and will be asked to generate a new 4 digit PIN for your card to continue and activate your card online.
  6. Now, for the third option, you have to have an account with ctfs.com website.
  7. Sign in using your login credentials and follow the steps given under that “Activate Card” link in your account.

CTFS Customer Support

If you faced any issues with CTFS card login, you can contact CTFS customer support for help.

Here’s their toll free customer support phone number:


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About Canadian tire financial services

Canadian tire financial services, the subsidiary of the Canadian tire retail chain was founded in 1968. The headquarters of the bank is located in Oakville and Ontario. Midland shopper’s credit limited was a small company that was formed in 1961. It provided third party credits for local retailers in the Niagara state. In 1968, the Canadian Tire Financial Services purchased the business, after which it was renamed.

The bank that led to the growth of the Canadian Tire Financial Services was the Canadian Tire bank whose 80% shareholders are the Canadian Tire Financial Services, and the Scotia Bank brought the other 20%. Canadian Tire Bank was the financial arm of the Canadian Tire Financial Services. The bank mainly focused on marketing the triangle credit card notes and presentation of their new master card to 4million cardholders and members.

The Canadian Tire Financial Services is a part of the community of Niagara for more than 40 years. The Canadian Tire Financial Services also felicitated for the expanding of the nationwide network of the Canadian tires stores by processing credits. The Canadian Tire bank services achieved the fast transaction of huge money facilities during this period by investing the focus on the Canadian Tire bank during this period. The Canadian tire bank was founded in the year 2003 after they took over a small business company known as Midland shoppers credit limited that offered financial credit card processing to the local retailers.

However, since then the Canadian tire bank has only seen success and is growing worldwide. A master card also known as Options Master card was first introduced in 1995 in the world by the Canadian Tire Financial Services. Canadian Tire Financial Services was the first ever non-deposit financial institution in the World. Today there are more than 4 million master card holders. The loyalty program of the Canadian Tire bank was updated, and the members and cardholders were allowed to collect the electronic Canadian Tire money.

In the year 2018, the name of the loyalty program of the Canadian Tire bank was changed to Triangle Rewards. The Canadian Tire Bank now distributes the triangle master card. There are a few branches of the high-value transaction of their master cards like the triangle world master card and triangle world elite master card. The additional advantages of these cards are Gas advantage master card and Cash advantage master card.

There are various offices in Welland, St.Catharine’s, Oakville and Ontario with over 1600 employees currently working. The state of the art centers in Welland and St. Catherine’s provided world-class customer services to the important Canadian Tire customers all over the nation. The bank helps its customers secure their accounts from frauds and hackers.

The Canadian Tire Bank helps to live in a healthy community. The well-being of the customers and their health is if prime importance. The bank provides financial support and volunteers to local Non-Governmental Organizations and charitable trusts.

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