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Are you a Bank of Scotland credit card user? Have you activated your card online? If not, do it online using www.bankofscotland.co.uk/activate or by phone.

Here on this page, we show you how to activate your Bank of Scotland card online or by phone.

Read on for the full guide below, or if you just want to visit the official website, www.bankofscotland.co.uk/activate website, use the below given link.




Website Name www.bankofscotland.co.uk/activate
Company Name Bank of Scotland
Is online Activation available? Yes
Is phone Activation available? Yes
URL https://www.bankofscotland.co.uk/activate/
Direct Link Click Here

How to Activate your Bank of Scotland Card Online?

  1. Use the above-given buttons to access the official website of Bank of Scotland credit card activation, www.bankofscotland.co.uk activate.
  2. You can choose either of these two options from the page:
    1. Activate your Credit Card
    2. Login to activate your Credit Card
  3. If you have an account already with www.bankofscotland.co.uk website, you can select the “Login to activate your credit card” option.
  4. This will take you to the sign-in page of the website.
  5. Sign in to your account and select the card you want to activate from there.
  6. But if you don’t have an account already with them, you have to choose “Activate your Credit Card” option.
  7. Here, you will now be asked about card details, enter them and click on the “Activate” button to activate the card.

How to Activate your Bank of Scotland Card by Phone?

You can activate your Bank of Scotland card by calling them on their card activation hotline too. Call on the below-given phone number to activate your card on phone:

0345 964 5645

If you’re calling from abroad, you can call this number:

+44 (0) 1733 574 121

Bank of Scotland Customer Support

Facing issues activating your card? Get in touch with the Bank of Scotland customer support.

Here’s their customer support toll free phone number:

0345 964 5645

Also check out:

Coming Soon

About Bank of Scotland

On 17th July 1695, the Bank of Scotland was founded by the governor and company of the bank of Scotland. The headquarters of the bank are located in the mound, Edinburg, Scotland and United Kingdom. The bank of Scotland is among the five oldest running banks that survived since the 17th century in the United Kingdom.

The Bank of Scotland is the only commercial bank to exist the parliament of Scotland created that. In Europe, the bank of Scotland was the first bank to print its very own banknotes. Even now, it prints its original sterling banknotes. These notes allow the banks of Scotland to issue currency. All of these are done under legal arrangements.

The parliament of the United Kingdom simplified the bank of Scotland’s structure after they passed the HBOS Group Reorganization Act in June 2006. On 19th January 2009, the Lloyds Banking Group kept the bank of Scotland as a subsidiary bank, mainly because Lloyds TSB acquired HBOS. In 1727, with the Royal charter, the formation of the Royal Bank of Scotland took place.
Due to the situation of war between Great Britain and Ireland that gave birth to Jacobite rebellions, the bank of Scotland and the royal bank of Scotland started a rivalry that further led to huge competition. The two banks were in the full-fledged intention of driving each other out of their business. Although the war between the two banks eventually ended, there were a lot of other banks that were formed by then in Scotland which only increased the pressure on the bank of Scotland.

With the growing competition, the bank of Scotland implemented the only idea, which was to open branches throughout Scotland. The first branch of Scotland in London was opened in 1865. The bank of Scotland also secured and stabilized the entire structure of the banking system of Scotland after the demolition of other banks. The crisis, however, never ended for the bank of Scotland. The bank had to merge with several other banks and organizations to survive. The merge had its pros and cons which the bank had to face.

The bank of Scotland expanded its services with consumer credits along with the financial and insurance services. The bank of Scotland has multiple brands incorporated such as the Halifax, Intelligent Finance, Birmingham Midshires, Bank of Scotland corporate, the bank of Scotland investment services and the bank of Scotland private banking.

The bank of Scotland provides current accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, home insurance, and even financial advice. The current accounts are divided into various sectors depending on the age and purpose of the account that the person demands. The bank of Scotland also provides with internet banking and mobile banking. The bank helps its customers and guides them to keep their account safe from the frauds and hackers.

With a huge international expansion, the bank of Scotland is successful today and functions smoothly with trust among its customers all over Scotland.

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