wellsfargo.com/activate – Activate your Wells Fargo Card Online Now!

Are you a Wells Fargo card user who just received your card in mail and want to activate the card online?

Activate your Wells Fargo card online now using wellsfargo.com/activate website, the official website from Wells Fargo for their customers to activate their cards online.

In this page, you will find our step by step guide for activating your card online using www.wellsfargo.com/activate. But if you just want to visit wellsfargo activate site instead, you can do that by just clicking on the button given below.




Website Name wellsfargo.com/activate
Company Name Wells Fargo
Online Activation available? Yes
Phone Activation available?
URL https://wellsfargo.com/activate
Direct Link Click Here

How to activate your Well Fargo card online?

  1. Click on the button given above to access wellsfargo.com/activate website, which is the official website from Wells Fargo for their customers to activate their card online.
  2. On the next page, you will be greeted with this message: “Sign On to Wells Fargo Online®“.
  3. Below that, you will see the option to enter your ‘Username‘ and ‘Password‘.
  4. Enter both correctly and click on the “Sign On” button.  But if you don’t have an account with them, click here for instructions for that.
  5. Now, on the next page, you will see an option called “Activate your Card online“.
  6. Click on that, it will take you to card activation.
  7. Here, you will be asked the card details, enter that correctly and click on the “Activate” button.
  8. If the details are correct, your card will be activated.

How to Enroll to WellFargo.com Account online?

  1. Click here to access the “Wells Fargo Online® Enrollment” page.
  2. Here, you will be first asked your SSN & Account, loan, ATM card, or debit card number.
  3. Enter both correctly and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. If what you entered is correct, you will be greeted with a Welcome message and will be asked more questions about yourself and also contact details.
  5. Enter these and you will now be asked to select a “Username” and “Password”.
  6. Select your username and password, and save it.
  7. That’s it.

Wells Fargo Customer Support

Are you having any issues with wellsfargo.com activate website? Or are you having issues enrolling to the Wells Fargo online account? You can directly get in touch with the Wells Fargo customer service support for any issues.

Here’s the toll free customer service contact number for the same:


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About Wells Fargo

The name Wells Fargo brings to mind many things: A trusted bank, a reputed financial institution or as in the last century, a six-horse stagecoach laden with gold thundering across the west. But in all of this, one thing is common. The trust that the institution has garnered over the 160 years of existence, right through the days of the Gold Rush, through war and the great depression into the 21st century.

A series of commendations

Wells Fargo is a multinational financial services company, headquartered in California. It is said to be the second largest bank in the world regarding market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in America regarding total assets. It is also the second largest bank in terms of home mortgaging services and debit cards.

The bank is one of the ‘Big Four Banks’ of America along with JP Morgan Chase, Bank Of America and Citigroup. With operations in over 35 countries, Wells Fargo has nearly 70 million customers across the globe.

Areas of Business

The three main areas of operations of Wells Fargo are Community Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Wealth, Brokerage and Retirement.

Community banking: This is made up of several different services. Primarily these are Regional Banking, Consumer Deposits groups, and Diversified Products. This also includes the Wells Fargo Customer Connection which was formerly (Wells Fargo Phone Bank), Wachovia Direct Access, the National Business Banking Centre, and Credit Card Customer Service). The company has around 2,000 stand-alone mortgage branches across the country. Apart from ATMs and teller services, the company also plans to introduce smartphone-based transactions in the future.

Consumer lending: Wells Fargo Home loans are responsible for one out of every four home loans in America.

Wells Fargo private student loans: These loans are available to students of community colleges, undergraduate and graduate colleges, law, medical and other professional colleges.

Wholesale banking: The products under this segment are targeted at large and middle companies and consumers on a wholesale basis. Lending, treasury management, mutual funds, asset-based lending, commercial real estate, corporate and institutional trust services, and capital markets and investment banking services are undertaken in this segment.

Wealth and Investment Management: Through its subsidiaries, the company offers investment products and mutual funds to its customers.

Wells Fargo Securities, the investment banking division of Wells Fargo, is another flourishing division of the company.

Rising above the controversy

Over the years the company has been under scrutiny for misconduct, forgery, and other illegal activities. The US Federal Reserve Bank has been keeping a strict watch over it and in 2018 barred it from growing its asset base till all internal workings had been streamlined to its satisfaction. The US Labour Department is also said to be investigating the company’s operations regarding the forceful selling of its products to customers.

Despite all of this, Wells Fargo still remains one of the biggest financial institutions in the world and continues to grow from strength to strength.

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