Regions Bank Routing Numbers

Regions bank is one of the major banks in the US. They’re based out of Birmingham and operates over 15 states in the US.

Routing number is the code number used by banks to identify the financial entities in a transaction.

Here in this page, you will see all the Regions Bank routing numbers listed.

Regions Bank Routing Number


regions bank routing numbers

Bank Name Regions Bank
Bank Address 6th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203
Website URL
Direct Link Click Here

List of all Regions Bank Routing Numbers


Routing/Transit Number























North Carolina


South Carolina








Having Issues?

If you’re having any issues with Regions bank or the Regions bank routing numbers, you can get in touch with their customer support for help.

Here’s the customer support contact number for Regions bank:

1-800-REGIONS (1-800-734-4667)

About Regions Bank

Regions Bank is the subsidiary of the Regions Financial Corporation with total assets of US$125.294 billion as of 2017. The bank’s service includes retail and commercial banking, mortgage, trust, securities brokerage, wealth management, and insurance products. With its headquarters in Regions Center Birmingham, Alabama, Regions Bank operates in 15 states in Southern and Midwestern Unites States along with Texas.

Regions is the only corporation headquartered in Alabama to be a member of Fortune 500 with a rank of 436 in 2017. The bank is also included in the list of largest banks in the United States.

Regions Bank’s parent body Regions Financial Corporation was earlier known as First Alabama Bancshares was established in July 1971. In 1994 the name Alabama Bancshares was changed to Regions Financial Corporation. The change of the name to Regions Financial Corporation was made to acknowledge the company’s regional growth. However, the word Regions in the company’s name was purchased from First Commercial Corporation, the Arkansas Bank that later Regions acquired in 1998.

Alabama Bancshares was a result of three Alabama bank mergers; they were First National Bank of Huntsville, Alabama (1856), First National Bank of Montgomery, Alabama (1871) and Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham, Alabama (1928). However, until March 1985, the three banks operated independently. After the changes in the Interstate Banking Bill in 1986 Alabama Bancshares first expanded to Florida and started having operations in the state.

The Bill enabled bank holding companies to have branches in other states. Alabama Bancshares next purchased bank branches in Georgia, Tennessee and, Arkansas. Over the years Regions went on to expand their company and either merged or acquired other banking and financial institutions of the region.

With all these mergers the company now has revenue of US$6.093 billion, operating income of US$ 1.257 billion and total equity of US$ 16.665 billion as of 2017. It was estimated in the year 2017 that Regions Financial Corporation employs 21,714 people. According to Regions Bank’s website the company is committed to ‘achieve superior economic value for our shareholders over time by making life better for our customers, our associates, and our communities and creating shared value as we help them meet their financial goals and aspirations.’ They try to achieve this goal by following five core values:

  • Do What is Right
  • Put People First
  • Reach Higher
  • Focus On Your Customer
  • Enjoy Life

Regions Financial Corporation and its subsidiary Regions Bank is actively involved in Community engagement and have press releases related to their work in CSR, Community involvement, Culture and Diversity, and Inclusion.

Despite having quite a good reputation, Regions Bank has been embroiled in a couple of controversies like customer fraud and overdraft fees. Regions in 2011 paid US$200 million to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission after they were charged with mortgage-backed bonds being mispriced. They did it with their subsidiary Morgan Keegan’s conservative mutual funds. In 2017 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined Regions for illegal and inappropriately charging the customers for overdraft fees. The fined amount was US$7.5 million.

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