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Are you a Netspend card user? Have you activated your Netspend card online? Do that now using the website online.

Here on this page, we show you how you can easily activate your card online using a step by step guide.

Scroll down for the guide here in this page. But, if you just want to visit website, you can click on the below given button.


Website Name
Company Name Netspend
Is online Activation available? Yes
Is phone Activation available?
Direct Link Click Here


How to Activate your Netspend Card Online?

  1. Click on the above-given links to access website.
  2. Now, you will see an option to enter the card details.
  3. After that, click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Now, you will be asked questions about yourself, to confirm your identity.
  5. After that, you will see an option called “Activate Card”, click on that to activate your card.

Netspend Customer Support

If you are facing issues related to Netspend card activation, contact the Netspend customer support for help.

Here is the Netspend toll free customer support:


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About Netspend Cards

Netspend is one of the leading debit card providers. It is a substitute for checking accounts. Over recent years, a lot of people have started to use these kinds of cards. With its legal prepaid card protection, one can use it almost everywhere in any corner of the world.

The plans provided by Netspend are of three types. There is a basic plan, a free advantage plan, and a supreme plan. The fee for every plan is different from, but there is a catch as the basic plan has the highest fee whereas the supreme plan has the least fee.

Comparing to other card providers Netspend is much better than several other prepaid cards. For instance, you will get several notifications via text message on your mobile phone. For example, you will get transaction alerts on whatever transactions you make. If any money gets deposited, you receive a text message. Also, you will be able to check your balance on your mobile phone itself. If you run out of balance, you can check where the next fill-up center is on your mobile phone and fill it up.

NetSpend will keep track of all your purchases and let you know whenever you are about to exceed your limit. They also have an online platform from where you can make a budget and keep track of your money and how to spend it. It is an efficient card in the context of these options.
Talking about other features, it offers various locations from where you can deposit money. They have over 100000+ such locations. Not only that there are several different ways by which you can deposit money traveling anywhere. You can opt for a direct deposit where a fixed amount of money is deposited into your account on a particular date. There is also a facility where you can add money by clicking a picture of the cheque. You can get hold of this facility via the NetSpend app. Not only this, but you can also send money to various other NetSpend cardholders via the app by just one click.

Several fees come with it. For every transaction you make you have to pay a $1 fee if you sign and $2 if you enter the pin. If you see that you make a lot of transactions in a month, then you can pay a $10 amount and get free unlimited transactions.

The list doesn’t end yet. You’ll have to pay $2.50 each time you withdraw cash from the ATM while having to fill up your card with the balance you have to pay a hefty $3.95, i.e. if you are filling it up with cash or cheque at an outlet. If you proceed to deposit money or by cheque facility using the app, then you are not required to pay any fees.

If with all the features mentioned above you are contented and satisfied then you must surely apply for the Netspend debit card. references:

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