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Are you a Subway card user? Have you registered your card online? Have you reloaded your card online? If not, do it now easily using the mysubwaycard website.

And in this page, we show you how to register your card and reload it using website.

Scroll down for the full guide online, or if you want to visit mysubwaycard com website right away, you can do that by clicking on the below given link.




Website Name mysubwaycard
Company Name Subway
Direct Link Click Here

How to Reload a Subway Card Online?

  1. Click on the above-given links to access website.
  2. Here, you will see a button saying “RELOAD A CARD”.
  3. Click on that.
  4. Now, you will be taken to the sign in page.
  5. You have to sign in to your account now.
  6. After that, you will see the option to select the amount you want to reload the card with.
  7. Select that and continue to reload by clicking on the “Reload” button.

Subway Customer Support

If you faced any issues while reloading your Subway card, you can contact the customer service of Subway for support.

Here’s the Subway card toll free customer support phone number:


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About Subway

Subway, the name comes from submarine sandwiches or commonly known as subs. It was established in 1965 by Fred DeLuca. He had taken from money from his friend to start the business with the name of “Pete’s super submarines’. It was later changed to Subway and the first Subway joint opened in 1965 in California. It is one of the most growing franchises. The company has its headquarters located in Connecticut along with five other centers which overlook the company’s international production.

Subway has topped many charts for a decade. They have held top ranks through-out in many magazines. It has grown tremendously fast in the upcoming times. They started marketing with the tag line “Eat Fresh”. In this generation, it is all about fitness. One would easily prefer a sandwich over anything oily at the same price category.

Most of the subway outlets make the sandwich in front of the customer itself. Hence the customer can see that the ingredients which are being put into the sandwich are fresh. They offer a range of sandwiches with various ingredients to choose from. Gluten-free bread is now available in almost all subway outlets. They have almost 6-8 different slices of bread to choose from. At a very economical price, you get to choose the bread, the ingredients, the sauces everything. Hence people love the brand subway so much.

Subway has been topping the charts in the fresh and healthy food business for a very long time. They have reduced their salt-content in the sandwiches to make them healthier. Their most preferred sandwich is the B.M.T sandwich. They also have brought in cookies, muffins, salad, etc. Every subway joint is independently owned, and most of them are in North America. They have a count of over 40000+ restaurants.

In India subway first opened its doors in 2001. They had to bring about a change in the menu. It could not sell any beef or pork products due to the beliefs of the Hindu and Muslim community. But they made it a big success. Since then they have been growing in India. Subway has also opened two all-vegetarian outlets, one in Punjab and one Ahmedabad.

They have marketed them very well down the line by doing campaigns during the national sandwich day. They have sponsored many significant events especially Nascar, in the States. They have also tried to market themselves through an American TV series.

But in most recent times Subway has not been able to retain its business that well. It has been seen that it has shut down a lot of stores starting from 2016. The company has told that it will be shutting a lot more in the upcoming years. Till now we see that after closing down stores it has held a significant place in the restaurant industry. The company is trying to re-launch and change its business structure, after facing stiff competition from rival food joints such as Au Bon Pain and others. But surely they are re-branding and coming back with a bang.

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