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So you got yourself a BP credit card and is looking to login to their online account, right?

mybpcreditcard is the official website of BP Credit Card for their customers to check their card balance, credit report, manage their credit card online and more.

Given just below this is the direct link to the official website of which you can access right away. But if you’re new to this, and want a small guide regarding BP credit card login, you can read on for our step step by step guide given below.




Website Name mybpcreditcard
Company Name BP
Direct Link Click Here

How to Login to BP credit card using mybpcreditcard

  1. Click on the button given above to visit the official website of mybpcreditcard, which is
  2. Here, you’ll see an option called “Log in to your account“.
  3. Enter your username and password on the space given.
  4. After that, click on the “Secure Login” button.
  5. You will be logged in to your account where you can see more details about your BP credit card.

How to Register for BP credit card account in

  1. Visit using the buttons given above, just like you did in the last section.
  2. Now, click on the “Register Now” button on the page.
  3. Next you’ll be asked for your ZIP code and more.
  4. Enter those and click on the Continue button.
  5. Next you’ll be asked for more details about such as your full name, social security number and address.
  6. Next, you’ll be asjed ti sekect your desired username and password.
  7. Select those two and complete the registration process.

BP Customer Support

Do you need help regarding mybpcreditcard com?

Just contact their customer support for help with anything related to to BP credit card login. Here’s the BP customer support details:

  • General ustomer service: 844 832 0035
  • Visa card customer service: 844 832 0030
  • Platinum Visa card customer: 844 887 1975
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About BP

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British Petroleum was originated from the commotions of William Knox D’ Arcy. He had made a destiny in Australian mining, who secured an allowance from reigning shah in 1901, to discover the petroleum all through the Persian Empire. It is challenging and pricey to discover the oil reservoirs, as Persia was politically unstable and devoid of transportation. The search was quite difficult in such situations. Within a few years the William Knox D’ Arcy required capital, and eventually, after intervention by the British Admiralty members, the Burmah Oil Company linked with the D’Arcy in 1905, in Concessionary Oil Syndicate and supplied funds in favor if operational control.

The oil was explored in the southwest Persia in May 1908, at Masjid-i-Suleiman. This initial oil discovery was made in the Middle East. Anglo Persian Oil Company was originated in the next April month, with Burmah Oil Company that had most of its shares. The leading figure of the Anglo Persian Oil Company in the previous years was Charles Greenway. His career had started in the company of the managing agent who managed the Burmah Oil products marketing in India.

Greenway was invited to assist in the Anglo Persian Oil formation by the Burmah Oil. Greenway became the founding director and in 1910, was appointed as a managing director, whereas later on, he took the designation of a chairman in the year 1914. Primary years of the existence of the company were very tough, and it was all because of the Greenway’s skills that the company endured as a self-governing entity. Though Anglo Persian Oil Company had located prolific oil ground, and there were main issues in refining crude oil.

This company lacked a network of distribution to see the products and tanker fleet. For some time it looked like that Anglo Persian Oil Company would be soaked in by the vast oil companies like the Shell group/Royal Dutch, with whom Anglo Persian signed a 10-year marketing agreement. In 1914, Greenway secured the Anglo Persian Oil Company’s independence via the exclusive deal with the British government. In this agreement bargained with Winston Churchill, the 1st lord of Admiralty, he signed a long-term contract with British Admiralty to supply fuel oil that Royal Navy wanted to use it as a coal replacement.

The British government spent around 2 million pounds on Anglo Persian Oil and received the majority of shareholding in return, which would preserve for years to come. This transaction offered the company lots of funds for investment in the refining equipment as well as initial investments in marketing and transport in the completion of Greenway’s target to make an integrated and independent oil business.

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