KeyBank Routing Numbers

KeyBank is one of the largest banks in the US, and they’re based out of Cleveland, Ohio. They operate in 39 states in the US.

Routing number is the code number used to identify the bank associated with a cheque transaction.

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KeyBank Routing Number


keybank routing numbers

Bank Name Keybank
Bank Address 127 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
Website URL
Direct Link Click Here

List of all KeyBank Routing Numbers

State Routing/Transit Number
Alaska 125200879
Colorado 307070267
Connecticut 222370440 or 021300077
Florida 041001039
Idaho 124101555
Indiana – Central & Northern Indiana 041001039
Kentucky 041001039
Maine 011200608
Massachusetts 021300077
Michigan 041001039
New York – Albany, Buffalo, Hudson 021300077 or 222370440
Ohio – Columbus, NE, NW, NS 041001039
Oregon 123002011
Pennsylvania 222370440 or 021300077
Utah 124000737
Vermont 211672531
Washington 125000574

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About Keybank

KeyBank is the main subsidiary of KeyCorp with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a regional bank but is listed among the largest banks in the United States. KeyBank servers their customers in areas like retail, small business, corporate and investment. KeyBank has 1,197 branches in 15 states with 1,572 ATMs with KeyCorp business offices in 39 states of the country. KeyBank is among the Fortune 500 list with the rank of 479. In the New York stock exchange, it trades with the symbol KEY. The bank employs 18,540 people as of 2018 and had a total income of US$1.219 billion, total assets US$ 137.7 billion and revenue US$6.3 billion.

KeyBank’s roots can be traced back to 1825 with the establishment of Commercial Bank of Albany, New York and 1849 Cleveland’s Society for Savings. KeyBank received its present name in 1994 with the merger of Society Corporation of Cleveland (Society Bank) and KeyCorp of Albany New York. The merger made the KeyBank the 10th largest bank in the US for a short time.

The Commercial Bank of Albany was started after New York Governor DeWitt Clinton signed a bill chartering the bank. The bank was reorganized in 1864, and the name was changed to National Commercial bank of Albany under the National Banking Act of 1864. The first merger of the bank happened in 1971 almost a century later with First Trust and Deposit to become First Commercial Banks in 1971 with only 89 offices. In 1979 the name was changed to Key Bank Inc., and during between the mid-1970s and early 1980s the bank started making acquisitions and had a growth spurt. In four years between 1985 and 1990 Key Bank’s assets grew from US$3 billion to US$ 15 billion.

The Society for Savings was founded as a mutual savings bank, and despite its growth, the bank remained quite conservative. Its growth can be gauged from the fact that in 1949 within a century of its establishment it had US$200 million as deposits but had only one office. The bank’s conservative nature helped it to overcome or sidestep many financial crises like the depressions. After becoming public and renaming it as Society National Bank, it grew tremendously with acquiring 12 community banks between 195 8 and 1978. In the next one decade, it continued to acquire other small banks and had four mergers worth one billion dollars. The merger of the two made KeyBank into one of the ‘nation’s largest bank-based financial services’ with the aim to make ‘it easy for you to the bank where you live.’

Despite its conservatism, during the initial years and later growth spurts, KeyBank has faced financial crisis crunches and had issues. In 2008 after the market crash Key received from Troubled Asset Relief Program investment of US$2.5 billion. However, Key did pay back the amount making it one of the last major banks to do that.

KeyCorp also holds several naming rights like KeyBank Centre in Buffalo, New York the home arena to the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey league. It also has the rights to KeyBank Pavilion near Pittsburgh. The city of Seattle sold the naming rights of the Coliseum for US$15.1 million in 1995, and it is now known as the KeyArena. However, it has not renewed its rights.

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