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Have you received your Hyundai Reward card on mail? Wondering how to activate it online?

Here we show you how to activate your Hyundai reward card online using hyundairewardcard website.

Read on for the step by step guide for and card activation. But if you just want to visit the Hyundai Reward card official website, just click on the below given button.




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Company Name Hyundai
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How to Activate your Hyundai Reward Card?

  1. Click the below given button to access the official website of Hyundai Reward Card, which is website.
  2. Now, on this page you will see a button named “Click here to Activate card“.
  3. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your 16 digit Mastercard number.
  4. Enter it and click on the “Submit” button.
  5. Your card will be activated when it is verified after you answer the various questions asked on the next page.

Hyundai Reward Card Customer Support

Are you facing any issues while activating your Hyundai reward card? Contact their customer support for assistance.

Here’s the toll free number for Hyundai reward card:

1 888.867.8032

Also check out:

About Hyundai Reward Card

Hyundai is one of well know automobile company which has many branches. The first automobile owned by the company was the Pony, which boosted the brand to overwhelming levels of demand, thus increasing sales and, in this way, the research centers in favor of an evolution of the transport system.

Its logo is a symbolism of two people, and its slogan is an invitation to see the world from a new perspective much more open and creative.

Technology at Hyundai

Modern Hyundai Technology is focused on protecting the environment, and this entails a commitment on the part of the company to work in this way for this reason the Blue Drive concept was created.

Blue Drive is Hyundai’s commitment to work in vehicles and eco-efficient technologies that help protect the planet.

The commitment starts with manufacturing, achieving ecological assembly processes in their environment, promoting construction that is not polluting. In vehicles, the Blue concept includes aerodynamically more efficient and safer vehicles, with less weight promoting new processes and more efficient materials that are recyclable.

Smaller engines but with more power lighter with less friction to increase its duration and reduce polluting emissions coupled with transmissions of more changes that optimize the performance of the vehicle.

Systems that help the driver to save fuel such as the eco drive and the auto stop systems that electronically control the injection of the vehicle and inform the driver of the consumption he is using to reduce it and thus have more effective and profitable handling.

Additionally, engines that work with alternative fuels such as biofuels, gas, etc. are developed. As a preamble to reach the era of vehicles with zero polluting emissions. Advanced technologies are offered so that the zero emission systems between hybrid, electric and VEGF vehicles are closer and closer.

This and much more is part of Hyundai’s new technology with a view to collaborating in a better world in which people, vehicles and technology live in perfect harmony.

Hyundai Reward Card

For their customers, the company started Hyundai Reward Card. It can be obtained at Lowest the Cost of Ownership. This card has a lot of benefits to its customer. A few of them are as below:

  • Using this card customer can do Online Shopping and Servicing of their Vehicle at Hyundai Dealers.
  • With a mean of this card, the customer can have a point for car care maintenance.
  • If you do online shopping, then you can earn more points in your Hyundai Reward Card.
  • No fee to get the Hyundai Reward Card membership, it is entirely free.
  • Family and friends can use redemption vouchers just by transfer of the point.
  • Can take services of four vehicles using this Hyundai Reward Card.

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