How to Activate any Credit Card Online?

Are you having an inactivated credit card lying in your bedroom or office room? Scared of being susceptive of identity theft because someone could steal and activate the card! No worries. Now you can activate your credit card online sitting at home over your phone right within minutes. Some people might wonder how to do. Just you need to follow few steps as guided below.

How to Activate any Credit Card Online?

how to activate credit card online

  1. What you need to do at the beginning is find the activation information on your card. The card you are carrying should have a website from where you can activate your credit card. It is generally found written on a sticker on the card. If not on the card then it must be found in the packet of information carried with the card.
  2. Then what you need to do is set up an online account. You are plausible to need an online account with the company inactivation of the card. On making the account, you are required to provide with certain information like your date of birth (D.O.B) your social security number, an email id, a password, and an account number. You may also be asked to provide with a username other than your email address. There are few websites which do not ask for any username. Check what your website asks for.
  3. Then you need to log in to your account once you reach your website to activate your card. To log in to your account, you need to provide your user id and your password.
  4. After you log in to your account what you need to do next is enter certain information to activate your credit card. Information like your name, credit card number, and the security code which you can find at the back of your card. You may also be asked for your social security number and your D.O.B.
  5. Once you have provided with all your information recheck it once again to make sure they are correct and click on the submit button on the screen and your card will be activated.
  6. Then to make sure your credit card has been activated you need to confirm it from the company or the concerned financial institution. After the activation of the card, you will receive a confirmation mail or a call from the relevant financial institutions about the activation of the card. If not so then you can also make a call to the company to make sure your card has been activated.
  7. And finally what you need to do is remove the sticker from the back of your card containing the activation information and sign at the back of the card with your name.

Before you follow these steps, you need to make sure you are enrolled in online banking. This activation process is made for the convenience of the bank that the customer has received the card and is in the hands of the correct person.

We hope you liked this post. Do let us know if you were able to activate your card using the steps we mentioned on this post. Cheers!

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