How to Activate a Credit Card by Phone?

Now the technologies have been more advanced. You can solve all your issues through that small device you carry with you in everyday life, i.e., your mobile phone. You need to follow a few steps for the activation of your credit card over the mobile phone which is as follows:

How to Activate a Credit Card by Phone?

how to activate credit card by phone

  1. One of the trouble-free ways of activating your credit card is by calling at the number printed on the sticker in front of your card, if not there then it might be the in the letter you received with the card. Before you make a call make sure from which phone number you are calling. It’s easy if you call from the number you have provided to the bank associated with the account, if not so then the customer service representative will compare the number you called from with the number you provided in the application. To reduce such misconception, it is better if you call from the number you provided to the bank as your home number.
  2. While you make the call ready with your information. You will be asked to provide certain information like your credit card number, account number and the security code which you will find at the back of your card. You will find the account card number in the paperwork you received with the card. You may also ask with your social security number or your date of birth (D.O.B.). You may also be asked to provide your full name.
  3. Once you dial the number, you will hear recorded audio. It is the recorded service. You need to follow the directions given by the system. You may be required to use keypad functions like when you input the credit card number or the security code.
  4. As you end with the call, you have completed with the process by providing the system with your information. Once the system is satisfied with the provided information, your card will be activated.
  5. Finally what you need to do is peel off the sticker from the back of the card which contained the activation information and put your signature on it with your full name.

You receive your credit card in your letterbox wrapped in an envelope. All the steps mentioned above are to be followed after you bring out the credit card from the envelope. If you don’t activate your card, it’s just like a paperweight at your home occupying unnecessary space. This activation process does not really paralyze your card, but it’s merely a formality on bank’s behalf that it has reached the right hands and there is no chance of being theft or being mishandled.

Once you are on a call with the bank for the activation of your card the bank gets a real opportunity to sell you something. The customer care representatives of the bank usually launch into extended sales of speech offering such advertisements on theft protection of the credit card and card monitoring.


Now, if you don’t feel like calling to activate, you can always try activate your credit card online.

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