– Register & Activate your Green Dot card online!

Are you a Green Dot card user? Have you registered and activated your card online? If not, you can now do that easily with website.

And here in this page, we show you how you can do that online using activate website.

Read on for the full guide down below. But if you just want to visit the website, click on the below given button for that.


Website Name
Company Name Green Dot
Is online Activation available? Yes
Is phone Activation available? No
Direct Link Click Here

How to Activate your Green Dot card online?

  1. Click on the above-given links to access website.
  2. Here, you will be asked to enter the 16 digit card number and other card details.
  3. Enter them and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Now you will be asked for some more information.
  5. And next, click on the “Activate” button to activate your card online.

Green Dot Customer Support

If you faced any issues with Green Dot card activation, you can get in touch with their customer support for help.

Here’s the toll-free phone number

Also check out:

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About Greendot Cards

The GreenDot cards are commonly sold among certain retailers like the CVS, Wal-Mart and the Rite-Aid. This is a kind of debit card which is prepaid in nature. The monthly expenditure (fee) of the Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard also known as the Visa has much higher expenditure. In turn, the fee for the activation of the card is much lesser compared to the previous versions.


This card provides you with the opportunity of making deposits directly. With the help of this, you can buy things at stores. You will also be able to handle your account online. Also, you can use your android phone efficiently and instantly to pay your bills. However, you must make a note of the high fees. Therefore it is better you think only about the free features.
The bills can be automatically paid with the help of the Green dot service. Buying checks with the help of the Green Dot can also be done. It provides a more secure form of sending payments because of its pre-authorisation facility.


The absence of the free ATM option is one of the significant disadvantages. There is a charge of $2.50 fee which is charged on top of the fee that the owner might charge. The only option to escape such charge is to look out for a cashier who can provide you with the cash back option in case of any debt purchase.

In cases when you want to order paper checks, it is highly expensive. There is a charge of $5.95 only for 12 checks. Also, there is an overhead requirement of getting some pre-authorisation from the mobile application.

Dissatisfaction areas of consumers regarding Green Dot-

There is more than 1600 number of complaints filed with the widespread consumer regarding the Green Dot Corporation. The consumers have made statements regarding the accounts which have been locked for many days, and it stretched up to many weeks without prior knowledge. This lead to colossal dissatisfaction and the consumers were left without any cash or days. They were not able to meet their daily needs because of such a problem.

There are also complaints regarding the loss of money which is predicted to be stolen from their accounts. Also, there are unauthorized charges which are taken without their knowledge. The complaints also stated that there are hardly any steps taken in this regard.

Certain security facilities and alerts-

The green dot makes the use of messages and also alerts with the help of emails. It is of great convenience and provides safety too. In this way, you will get instant notification whenever any form of transaction is made with the help of your Prepaid Visa Card. Notification is also provided whenever any deposit is made in your account.

The customer care of the Green Dot provides excellent customer support. There is a customer care hotline number where you can call them. Emailing will also help, plus the social media forums are quite active. references:

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