Fifth Third Bank Routing Numbers

Fifth Third Bank or 5/3 Bank is one of the popular banks in the US, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Routing number is the code number used by banks and financial institutions for tracking the transactions.

In this page, we list all the Fifth Third bank routing numbers. Read on!

Fifth Third Bank Routing Number


fifth third bank routing number

Bank Name Fifth Third Bank
Bank Address Fifth Third Center
38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45263
Website URL
Direct Link Click Here

List of all Fifth Third Bank Routing Numbers


Routing Number

FL-Central Florida


FL-North Florida


FL-South Florida


FL-Tampa, Florida






IN-Central Indiana


IN-Southern Indiana


KY-Central Kentucky


KY-Northern Kentucky


KY-Southwestern Kentucky


MI-Eastern Michigan


MI-Northern Michigan


MI-Western Michigan


MO-St. Louis, Missouri


NC-North Carolina


OH-Cincinnati, Ohio


OH-Columbus, Ohio


OH-Northeastern Ohio


OH-Northwestern Ohio


OH-Southern Ohio


OH-Western Ohio


PA-Western Pennsylvania




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About Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank (also written as 5/3 Bank) is the main subsidiary of the bank holding company Fifth Third Bancorp. The bank’s history is rooted in Bank of Ohio Valley that opened in 1858 and Third National Bank that was organized in 1863. These two banks merged on 1871 and 1908 Fifth-Third National Bank of Cincinnati was formed after the merger of Third National Bank and Fifth National Bank.

The bank is now one of the Fortune 500 with the rank of 389 and is listed among one of the largest banks of United States. The headquarters of the Fifth Third Bank is in Cincinnati, Ohio with 1,154 branches across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. The bank has 2,469 ATMs. As of 2017 the net income of the bank is US$2.194 billion, total assets of US$ 142.193 billion and employs 18,125 people. Fifth Third Bank is also 4.9% owner of Worldpay Inc.

During the 1990s Fifth Third Bank went on an acquisition spree with acquiring the Cumberland Federal Bancorp of Louisville, Kentucky for US$149 million in stock in 1994. In 1995 it acquired Kentucky Enterprise Bancorp and a dozen branches from PNC Financial Services in Dayton, Ohio. This process of acquisition and mergers continue to date. However, there have been quite some lows for the bank among them is United States Department Treasury investing US$3.4 billion in the company in 2008 as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. In 2011 from the Treasury the bank repurchased the investment. The banking institution sold 51% of its credit card processing business in 2009 to a private equity firm named Advent International. The equity firm changed its name to Vantiv in 2011 and then merged with WorldPay Inc in 2018. The bank also sold 17 of its Pittsburgh branches to FNB Corporation in 2016.

With all these ups and downs Fifth Third Bank has also been subjected to a couple of controversies. In 2007 it was found that 45.7 million credit card numbers were compromised after a data breach happened for the TJX Companies for whom the bank processed the credit card transactions. In 2014 the Fifth Third Bank settled a discrimination allegation by paying $1.5 million to eligible mortgage loan applicants. The bank asked these people to submit a doctor’s certificate to support their claim of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance. United States Department of Justice found the bank guilty of engaging in the discriminatory act based on disability that violated the Equal Credit Opportunity.
In 2018 the bank witnessed one of the tragedies in the US after a gunman entered the lobby of the Fifth Third’s headquarters and started shooting people. The incident wounded 2 and killed 3 people before the gunman the Cincinnati Police killed Omar Enrique Santa-Peres.

Despite all these incidents Fifth Third remains one of the famous banking institutions in the US and has the naming rights to quite a few baseball stadiums and arenas. The Fifth Third Field is the home of Toledo Mud Hens in Toledo, Ohio that is affiliated of Detroit Tigers.

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