– Activate & Verify your Chase Card!

Now that your Chase credit card is delivered to you, it’s time you verify that card online and activate it.

Wondering how to do that? You can do that easily using Chase bank’s official website,

Below given is the direct link to the website ( But incase you want guidance on how to verify your Chase card online, you can follow our step by step guide given below. Read on.


Website Name
Company Name Chase Bank
Direct Link Click Here

How to Verify your Chase credit card?

  1. Visit the official website of Chase bank card for card verification ( by clicking on the button given above.
  2. Now, in the next page, you’ll see the message “Please sign in to verify you’ve received your card“.
  3. If you’re already having an account with, you can login to your account now.
  4. If you don’t have an account with them, make a new account using the “Not enrolled? Sign up now” button.
  5. After making an account, login to the website.
  6. Now, you’ll asked to select the correct card you want to confirm from the list.
  7. Select the correct one you have and proceed.
  8. Next, you’ll be asked to enter the confirmation code in the space given.
  9. Enter it and click on the “Next” button.
  10. You might be asked about more details about yourself. Enter it when asked.
  11. After finishing all, press on the “Finish” button to complete Chase card activation.

Chase Customer Support

If you’re having any issues with activating & verifying your Chase card, you can contact the Chase customer support.

Here’s the dedicated toll free number from Chase for issues with confirming your card online:


Also check out:

About Chase

The Chase Manhattan Corporation, a previous American holding firm, which emerged in 2000, with JP Morgan and Co. to form a JP Morgan Chase and Co. The company started in the last days of the 18th century.

On 2nd April 1799, the urge of civic leaders such as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (later known as rivals), the NYC state legislature contracted the Manhattan Company to construct water supply systems for NYC. The real capital was quite large almost 2 million dollars, which the directors readily voted to consume surplus funds to open the office of deposit and discount.

The Company sold waterworks to the city in 1808 and turned entirely to banking. Though development was sound, the bank’s actual expansion started after the inception of the 20th century. It collaborated with Bank of Metropolis in 1918 and thus got the primary among many branches and offices. It merged with Merchants National Bank in 1920 in New York City founded in 1803, along with Hamilton’s promotion. It acquired International Acceptance Bank, Inc. in 1929, which was founded in 1921, hence venturing into foreign trade financing.

On 12th September 1877, The Chase National Bank was originated, by John Thompson, who named this bank in honour of late United States Treasury Secretary Mr Salmon P. Chase. He has helped earlier in establishing the 1st National Bank, a forerunner of Citibank and later on named as CitiGroup. The national development of Chase was phenomenal, which turned 2nd largest National Bank by 1921 in the United States, without the mergers benefit.

Then followed a massive list of mergers from Metropolitan National Bank in 1921, Mutual Bank in 1927, Mechanics and Metals National Bank in 1926, Equitable Trust Company, National Park Bank in 1929, Seaboard National Bank in 1929, Garfield National Bank in 1929, and Interstate Trust Company in 1930. These mergers resulted in an abundance of branches as well as extensive foreign affiliations.

On 31st March 1955, the Chase National Bank, which was nation’s third largest bank at that time and the Manhattan Company Bank that was the fifteenth largest, was merged to create Chase Manhattan Bank. The reorganisation of the Chase Manhattan Corporation reflected a usual movement in banking in 1969 in America to set up holding firms to own the banking operations, which were separated from other activity like finance companies that were excluded by law from the preview of banking.

The Chase Manhattan Corporation was merged with nation’s 2nd largest bank New York-based Chemical Banking Corporation, in 1996, to make one of the largest banks in the United States. The merged bank used the name Chase Manhattan Corporation, which was merged with the investment bank in December 2000 with JP Morgan that created a diverse economic firm, called as JP Morgan Chase and Co., with the leadership in investment banking, financial service, and retail banking. references:

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