Chase Bank Routing Numbers

JP Morgan Chase Bank is a national bank in the US, and it one of the biggest banks in the US and is part of big four banks in the US.

A routing number or routing transit number (RTN) is an official number used to identify the bank associated with a transaction.

Here’s the list of all JP Morgan Chase bank routing numbers, listed out in a table. Read on.

Chase Bank Routing Number


chase bank routing number

Bank Name Chase Bank
Bank Address Chase Bank, 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA
Website URL
Direct Link Click Here

List of all Chase Bank Routing Numbers

Region Routing/Transit Number
Arizona 122100024
California 322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut 021100361
Florida 267084131
Georgia 061092387
Idaho 123271978
Illinois 071000013
Indiana 074000010
Kentucky 083000137
Louisiana 065400137
Michigan 072000326
Nevada 322271627
New Jersey 021202337
New York – Downstate 021000021
New York – Upstate 022300173
Ohio 044000037
Oklahoma 103000648
Oregon 325070760
Texas 111000614
Utah 124001545
Washington 325070760
West Virginia 051900366
Wisconsin 075000019

Having issues?

If you’re having issues with Chase Bank, you can get in touch with their customer support for help.

Here’s the toll free number for Chase bank customer support:


You can also get in touch with them through their live chat support by clicking here.

About Chase Bank

The official name of the Chase Bank is JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. The bank has a long history of mergers with other banks, starting in 1955 with the merger between Chase National Bank and the Manhattan Company thereby getting the name Chase Manhattan Bank. In 2000 Chase Manhattan Bank merged with the multinational banking and financial services of US’s holding company JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Chase bank is not the consumer and commercial subsidiary bank of JP Morgan Chase & Co. Headquarter of the bank was in Columbus, Ohio since 2004 after it merged with Bank One Corporation, but currently, the headquarter is in Manhattan, New York City, New York. In 2006 Bank of New York Co.’s small and retail banking business network was acquired by Chase and in 2008, JP Morgan Chase acquired most of the assets and banking operations of Washington Mutual. With so many mergers and changes, the logo of the Chase bank has undergone various changes, and the current logo of the bank has been with them since 2006.

The history of the bank is quite old and is based on the acquisition of smaller banks. Formed in 1877 as the Chase National Bank John Thompson. The financial institution was named after former Chief Justice and United States Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase. The Chase National Bank became the largest in America and World’s banking system in 1930 after it made a significant acquisition of Equitable Trust Company of New York. The company was famous for John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who was the largest stockholder of the Equitable Trust Company of New York. The Chase National Bank was also the institution that saved the Rockefeller Centre project in 1930 and became its first tenant. It was mainly a wholesale bank and had close ties with the oil industry and connection with companies like Standard Oil and ExxonMobil.

Chase Bank has been embroiled in major controversies related to World War II in which the bank made it possible for American citizens who were Nazi sympathizers to buy Reichmarks with American dollars at a discounted rate. The transactions resulted in Chase National Bank to get a commission of over $500,000. During the World War II despite President Franklin D. Roosevelt issuing an Executive Order to freeze German assets, the Chase National Bank unblocked the accounts and transferred the money to Nazi Germany via South America. Also during the Nazi occupation in France, it was only the Chase National Bank that was open, and they refused to release the assets and funds that belonged to the Jews. In recent times too JP Morgan Chase has paid over billions of dollars in fines.

Despite these controversies, JP Morgan Chase & Co. is one of the largest banking institutions in America. The bank had over 5,100 branches, over 16,000 ATMs and had a total income of US$19.372 billion as of 2016. For the same year, Chase Bank’s total asset was US$ 2.083 trillion, and revenue was US$81.837 billion. In 2016 it was estimated that the bank employs about 189,315 people. The bank’s mission is to create engaged, lifelong relationships: we put you at the heart of everything we do.

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