Bank of America Routing Numbers

Bank of America is one of the biggest banks in the US. Here, we’re listing out all the Bank of America routing numbers that you were searching for.

Bank routing number or routing transit number (RTN) is a 9 digit number used to identify a bank or financial institution when transacting.

Here we list all the Bank of America routing numbers in a table. Read on to find the routing numbers of Bank of America sorted accordingly to the location and also the various numbers you’ve use for various transactions such as Paper (ex. Ordering Checks), Electronic (ex. Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment) and wire transfer.

Bank of America Routing Number


bank of america routing number

Bank Name Bank of America
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List of all Bank of America Routing Numbers

Bank Location Paper Electronic Wire Transfer
Alabama 051000017 051000017 026009593
Alaska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Arizona 122101706 122101706 026009593
Arkansas 082000073 082000073 026009593
California, North 121000358 121000358 026009593
California, South 122000661 121000358 026009593
Colorado 051000017 051000017 026009593
Connecticut 011900571 011900254 026009593
Delaware 031202084 031202084 026009593
Washington DC 054001204 054001204 026009593
Florida, East 063000047 063100277 026009593
Florida, West 063100277 063100277 026009593
Georgia 061000052 061000052 026009593
Hawaii 051000017 051000017 026009593
Idaho 123103716 123103716 026009593
Illinois – South 081904808 081904808 026009593
Illinois – North 071000505 071000505 026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro 071103619 081904808 026009593
Indiana (Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Indiana (Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
All other Indiana accounts 071214579 071214579 026009593
Iowa 073000176 073000176 026009593
Kansas 101100045 101100045 026009593
Kentucky 051000017 051000017 026009593
Louisiana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Maine 011200365 011200365 026009593
Maryland 052001633 052001633 026009593
Massachusetts 011000138 011000138 026009593
Michigan (Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Michigan (Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
All other Michigan accounts 072000805 072000805 026009593
Minnesota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Mississippi 051000017 051000017 026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032 081000032 026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City 101000035 081000032 026009593
Montana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nebraska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nevada 122400724 122400724 026009593
New Hampshire 011400495 011400495 026009593
New Jersey 021200339 021200339 026009593
New Mexico 107000327 107000327 026009593
New York 021000322 021000322 026009593
North Carolina 053000196 053000196 026009593
North Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Ohio 051000017 051000017 026009593
Oklahoma 103000017 103000017 026009593
Oregon 323070380 323070380 026009593
Pennsylvania 031202084 031202084 026009593
Rhode Island 011500010 011500010 026009593
South Carolina 053904483 053904483 026009593
South Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Tennessee 064000020 064000020 026009593
Texas, North 111000025 111000025 026009593
Texas, South 113000023 111000025 026009593
Utah 051000017 051000017 026009593
Vermont 051000017 051000017 026009593
Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Washington 125000024 125000024 026009593
West Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wisconsin 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wyoming 051000017 051000017 026009593

Bank of America International Wiring Numbers

The given above list of Bank of America routing numbers are mainly for domestic transfers. When you’re doing an international wire transfer these are the wiring numbers of Bank of America you should use:

Domestic Wire Transfer 26009593
International Wire Transfer 26009593
SWIFT Code — Incoming Wires in U.S. Dollars BOFAUS3N
SWIFT Code — Incoming Wires in Foreign Currencies BOFAUS6S

Having issues?

If you’re having issues, you can directly contact the Bank of America customer support.

Here’s the toll free number of Bank of America customer support:


You can also get in touch with them using thier live chat support by clicking here.

About Bank of America

Bank of America Corporation or BofA is one of the Big Four banks in the US, and as a banking institution, it is the second largest in the country after JP Morgan Chase. As part of the Big Four, that hold 39% of the customer deposits of US as per 2015, Bank of America holds 10.73% of that deposits. BofA is financial services are primarily commercial and investment banking along with wealth management. According to the bank’s official website, it is A global company with a local focus. The objective of the Bank of America is to empower people by giving better financial lives, and that is achieved with a strategy that focuses on environmental, social and governance leadership.

The establishment of the bank was a reaction to the social and environmental injustice faced by the Italian immigrants in San Francisco, California. In the year 1904, Amadeo Pietro Giannini started it as Bank of Italy with the purpose of providing different banking options to Italian immigrants who encountered anti-Italian attitude in the existing banking system. In 1922 Bank of Italy was renamed to Banca d’America e d’Italia meaning Bank of America and Italy. In the same year, Giannini expanded the bank to other parts of California. It had a rapid growth during the 1950s after the passing of the federal banking legislation, however, in 1998 it incurred a huge loss due to the Russian bond default. With US$62 billion, the largest in the history of bank acquisition BankAmerica then known as NationsBank acquired Banca d’America e d’Italia and made it into Bank of America Corporation.

The present headquarter of Bank of America is in Charlotte, North Carolina with 67 million consumers approximately. The bank has branches in all 50 states of US along with District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Internationally it has offices in 35 other countries with hubs in London, Hong Kong, and Toronto. Approximately, Bank of America has 4,600 retail financial centers and 15,900 ATMs. In 2017 the bank’s net income was US$ 18.232 billion with revenue of US$ 87.352 billion. The bank’s total asset is about US$2.281 trillion as per 2017. With a market capitalization of US$3.13.5 billion as per August 2018 Bank of America became the 13th largest company in the world. The bank is also America’s sixth largest public company.

Bank of America still caters to the middle-class community even after 113 years along with corporate banking. This has enabled them to bear a significant share in the financial investment market. Despite several lawsuits, fraud investigations and repayments to the US government for financial fraud that resulted from the 2008 financial crisis the bank have received the 2018 Awards for Excellence. The award was given to them by Euromoney Institutional Investor as the World’s Best Bank. All over the US the Bank of America also has some notable buildings that have become national and state landmarks like the Bank of America Tower in Phoenix, Bank of America Stadium the NFL’s home stadium for the Carolina Panthers.

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