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If you received your American Express card in mail, the first thing you’ve do before using it is to activate and confirm it.

You can do it online or by phone. For online, you’ve to visit their official website, and for confirming the card by phone, follow the steps here.

We’ve a step by step guide for confirming your American Express card using confirmcard, read on for that. But, if you want to directly go to, you can click the below given button.


Website Name
Company Name American Express
Online Activation available? Yes
Phone Activation available? Yes
Direct Link Click Here

How to Confirm & Activate your American Express card online?

  1. Visit the official website of American Express card confirmation ( using the red buttons given above.
  2. Here, you’ll see a credit card style design, where you will be asked to enter the card details.
  3. Enter the details as asked and click on the “Confirm” button.
  4. Now, you will be asked to login to the website. If you have an account with them already, you can login to it.
  5. Else you can create an account right away. Create your account and remember the username and password.
  6. Now, login to the account using your username and password.
  7. Now, your account will be confirmed after logging in to the account.

How to Confirm & Activate your American Express card on Phone?

There’s another way to confirm your AMEX card other than american That is to dial them up on the American Express card confirmation hotline.

Below given is the toll free card confirmation hotline for American Express:


Call them and follow the instructions accordingly to confirm your American Express card.

American Express Customer Support

If you have any issues regarding your AMEX card confirmation, you can directly contact the American Express customer support using the details given below.

Here’s the AMEX customer support toll free number for card confirmation:

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (US) 
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (Outside US)

You can also get in touch with them using thier live chat here. Do note that you need to have an account to start the live chat.

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About American Express

American Express is an American multi national finance company is now widely known for it’s credit cards, charge cards & more. American financial corporation, has headquarters in New York. The company was found on 18th March 1850, during the consolidation of 3 companies that were live in the transport of valuables, species, and goods between Buffalo and New York City, New York, and indicates in the Midwest. Livingston, Fargo, and company that was primarily Western Express were founded by Willian G.Fargo (Wells Fargo fame) and Henry Wells in 1845. Wells and Co. Livingston, Wells and Co. were co-founded by Wells under his guidance and ownership during merging time in 1846.

Butterfield and Wasson, founded via John Butterfield & James D. Wasson. At first, American Express was an unincorporated organisation of investors that was headed via Wells as a president, and the secretary was Fargo. At the end of the Civil War in America, its business was extremely flourished, with around 900 offices and more in ten states, which attracted the competition in the form of Merchants Union Express Company in 1866. For two years these two firms engaged in aggressive competition, and on the edge of financial crisis, finally decided to merge on 25th November 1868, to make the American Merchants Union Express Company and Fargo taking over as a president.

In 1873, the firm was renamed as American Express Company. In 1881, when Fargo was dead, his brother became the president for a period of 1829 to 1915 and guided by the firm for 33 years. James Congdell Fargo introduced innovations such as the American Express Travelers Cheque in 1891, and American Express Money Order in 1882 and opened the primary European office in 1895 in Paris.

International development continued with the inauguration of offices in various parts of European countries that include, Germany (1898), and England (1896), and in the 1900s the firm started offering different services in Brazil, Japan, China, Egypt, India, and Argentina. In 1918, when U.S. government publicly owned specific industry, hence merging all social express functioning in REA (American Railway Express Company), American express changed almost complete to its banking functioning, and it’s comparatively latest travel services that had been introduced in 1915.

The typical American Express introduced the green charge card in 1958. Since the 1960s till 1980’s American Express expanded its holdings via acquiring firms in fields like publishing, insurance, and investment banking. In 1968, it bought Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Inc., Shearson Loeb Rhoades, a leading brokerage company, in 1981 that was sold in around 1993, and Investors Diversified Services, a vast Minneapolis based insurance, financial advisory concern and mutual fund in 1984.

American Express is considered as the most critical issuer of small business, personal as well as commercial credit cards. This company offers travel-related offerings such as credit cards, travel planning, personal and corporate travel planning tour packages, travel services, agencies for hotels, car rental reservations and much more. American Express has functioned in more than forty countries since the early 21st century. However, this company was sold in 2013 to Time Inc.

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