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If you just received your American Express card in mail, you’ve to activate it first before using it.

You can activate your American Express card in Canada using the website, the official website of American Express Canada.

Here in this page, we have made a step by step guide to help you activate your AMEX card online. Read on for that. Instead, if you just want to visit the website directly, click on the below given button.


Website Name
Company Name American Express
Online Activation available? Yes
Phone Activation available? Yes
Direct Link Click Here

How to activate your American Express

  1. Click on the above given link to access official website ( activate) of American Express to acticate your card online.
  2. Now, on this page you will be asked to enter the card details.
  3. Enter those and click on the “Confirm” button.
  4. Now, you will be taken to the next page where you’ll be asked to login to your account.
  5. Create an account if you don’t already have one.
  6. Now, you will be asked more questions about yourself,
  7. Enter those and after that and click on the “Finish” button to complete the card activation, and your card will be activated.

American Express Customer Support

If you’re having any issues with AMEX card activation, you can contact their customer support for help.

Here’s the toll free customer support toll free number of American Express Canada:


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About American Express

As a smart traveler, it is always important to bring a credit card in your wallet even if you are one of those people who want to stay away from them, but the reality is that you never know when you will have an emergency and you might need it, even if you have travel insurance.
Today I am going to talk to you about American Express Platinum Aeromexico.

What are the benefits of the American Express Canada?

  • 60,000 Premier Points Welcome Bonus
  • Award tickets 2 × 1
  • Premier Class upgrades on Unlimited National Flights during the First Year
  • 4 Upgrades on Flights to the United States and Canada
  • These are the rewards for using your card:
  • Earn 1.6 Premier Points for every dollar spent
  • Accumulate 4.8 Premier Points for every dollar spent on Aeromexico products.
  • Receive 30% more Points if you make changes in foreign currency.
  • Premier Platinum Partner if you spend USD 35,000 in 1 year.
  • Using the American Express Canada card is effortless.
If you are going to travel these are the benefits:
  • Access to Aeromexico Premier Rooms
  • Access to Centurion American Express Salons
  • Membership Priority Pass Prestige for use in more than 800 theaters in the world.
Travel Insurance By American Express Canada
  • American Express Canada includes other benefits that are practically standard for almost all credit cards. Here is the full list of benefits.
  • In general, it is good to have the support of American Express. This card is service, which means that you have to pay total amounts at the end of your cycle, which in any way is what I always do with any traditional credit card.
  • There are really two things that I am not taking advantage of with the card, the four promotions on international flights and the 2 × 1 certificates on prize tickets.

Disadvantages Of This Card

    • Lack of acceptance in stores in Mexico. Very often in well-sized restaurants, they tell they do not accept American Express. Something similar happens around the world in undeveloped countries.
    • The annuity is very expensive: USD 800. It makes extremely expensive for the benefits it offers if we take into account that a similar product in the United States like The Platinum American Express cost you USD 450 (now USD 550) with many more benefits such as travel reimbursement, and credits to spend.
    • You do not have access to the real Centurion Lounges American Express in the United States, and those are the ones that are worth it and have nothing to do with those in Mexico. For being a shared brand card, you have to pay USD 50 per person if you want to enter.

If you travel a lot and a lot of those trips are in Aeromexico. This card is for you. Getting the card is easy. One can also apply online to get this card.

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